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My sister, Kitty Visch-Schaper, and I were curious about our ancestors.
So we started this genealogy research about our family.
In the archives of the City of Deventer we found out that out great-grandfather, Jan Schaper, was born in Bovenkarspel (1854) and moved to Deventer on May 4, 1874 to join the army.
To find out more about the Schaper family we visited the "Rijks Archief Noord-Holland" in Haarlem and the "Streek archief" in Hoorn. The oldest information we could retrieve so far is about generation IX. On August 19, 1743 Barend Jansz Schaper from "Hooibergen" married Vrouwtje Hielkes de Vries in Grootebroek. The next visit will be to Friesland to find out more about Barend Jansz Schaper and about Hooibergen. After two visits we didn't find information about Barend. We went further in Haarlem with the genealogies of Barent en Sijvert.


Genealogy Barend Schaper

Genealogy Evert Schaper

Lineage chart Tessa en Jelle Schaper

Surname list

schaper.org en schaper.com

Schaper around the world

Population census 1830-1860

Population census 1947

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Special thanks to:
our parents Herman Schaper en Berendina Theodora Litjes, Theo Kip, Joke Schaper,
Ruud de Bruin and Marten Zeilinga.

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